Afghanistan Weekly Reader: $11 billion for Afghanistan Aid for the Next Decade

The spring offensive in Afghanistan continues with more insurgent attacks against U.S. and Afghan troops. The uptick in violence has raised fears about the capability of the Afghan security forces. But both Afghan President Karzai and U.S. General John Allen, commander of the U.S. and allied forces in Afghanistan, say the Afghan forces are on track to take over the lead combat role in 2013.

Of course, most of the costs of maintaining those troops will have to come from foreign aid. The international community is expected to contribute an estimated $4.1 billion per year for ten years after 2014, when the combat mission will end. And Afghanistan will need an additional $6 to $7 billion in economic aid on top of security aid, bringing the total to $11 billion per year for the next decade.

From ASG
The Enduring Military Presence in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Study Group by Mary Kaszynski

If Panetta’s “enduring presence” means thousands of troops, we could be looking at the continuation of this trillion dollar war.

Afghanistan needs $7 billion aid after Western pullout

Reuters by Sanjeev Miglani

Afghanistan will need $6-7 billion a year in aid over the next decade to help grow the economy, the head of the central bank said on Tuesday, on top of a $4.1 billion bill for security forces to keep the peace once foreign troops leave in 2014.

General ‘not concerned’ with Afghan funding

Politico by Stephanie Gaskell

Congress is going to send less and less cash to Afghanistan to train and equip local forces, but a top general said Wednesday he’s “not concerned.”

Afghanistan eyes 4 billion USD aid in July conference


War-torn Afghanistan expects a key international conference on the country’s economy to pledge 4 billion U.S. dollars a year after 2014 when all foreign combat troops leave the country, President Hamid Karzai said on Thursday.

Somebody in government finally asks a taxing question about the next war

The Washington Post by Walter Pincus

At last, after 11 years of the United States at war, a few minutes of public discussion of a tax to pay for the fighting. But that would be for the next war.

Questions About Afghanistan, If Congress Cared Enough to Ask Them

The Huffington Post by Dan Froomkin

Were they the least bit interested in exercising any oversight at all into the war that American soldiers are still fighting and dying in – and that Chinese bond buyers are still providing the cash for – members of Congress wouldn’t have to go very far to find some excellent questions.

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