Signatories & Endorsements

The individuals listed below support this report. Many from among this group provided the language and ideas used. While some would not agree with every detail of the report, they do agree with the overall recommendation and direction. We are deeply grateful for their leadership, involvement and support during the process.

Bruce Ackerman
Yale University

Gordon Adams
American University
and Stimson Center

Amjad Atallah
New America Foundation

James Bamford
Author/Documentary Producer

Darcy Burner
Progressive Congress Action Fund

Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

James Clad
National Defense University

Steve Clemons
New America Foundation
and The Washington Note

Juan Cole
University of Michigan
and Informed Comment

Edward Corcoran, PhD

David Cortright
University of Notre Dame

Council for a Livable World

Patrick Cronin
Center for a New American Security

Council of Afghans for Peace

Arnaud de Borchgrave
Center for Strategic & International Studies

Graciana del Castillo
Columbia University

Michael C. Desch
University of Notre Dame

Robert H. Donaldson
University of Tulsa

Bernard I. Finel
National War College

James K. Galbraith
University of Texas-Austin

James Goldgeier
George Washington University

William C. Goodfellow
Center for International Policy

Selig S. Harrison
Center for International Policy

Leo Hindery, Jr.
Chair, US Economy/Smart Globalization Initiative
New America Foundation

Matthew P. Hoh
Center for International Policy

Michael Hughes
The Huffington Post,, and New World Strategies Coalition, Inc.

Michael Intriligator
University of California, Los Angeles
and The Milken Institute

Robert Jervis
Columbia University

Sean Kay
Ohio Wesleyan University

Parag Khanna
New America Foundation
and former Senior Geopolitical Officer, US Special Operations Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan

W. Patrick Lang
Former Defense Intelligence Officer, South Asia
Publisher, Sic Semper Tyrannis

Flynt Leverett
New America Foundation and
Race for Iran

Hillary Mann Leverett
Yale University
and Race for Iran

Anatol Lieven
King’s College London
and New America Foundation

Justin Logan
Cato Institute

John Mueller
Ohio State University

New World Strategies Coalition, Inc.

Khalil Nouri
New World Strategies Coalition, Inc.

Fareed Osman
Sharbat Gula Justice Center

Zaki Pahang
Freelance Journalist

Robert A. Pape
University of Chicago

Paul R. Pillar
Georgetown University

Barry Posen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Jason Rosenbaum

Priya Satia
Stanford University

Stephen Schlesinger
Century Foundation

Sherle R. Schwenninger
New America Foundation

Michael Shank
Office of US Congressman Michael Honda
and Afghanistan Taskforce Chair, Congressional Progressive Caucus

J.P. Singh
Georgetown University

Richard Vague
The Governor’s Woods Foundation, American Strategy Program Leadership Council,
and New America Foundation

Veterans for Rethinking Afghanistan

Martin Walker
Woodrow Wilson Center

Stephen M. Walt
Harvard University

Col Lawrence B. Wilkerson (USA, ret)
College of William & Mary
Former Chief of Staff, US Department of State

Jeffrey Winters
Northwestern University

Leighton Woodhouse
Labor Organizer

Mosharraf Zaidi
International Development Expert and Columnist

Dr. Bashir Zikria
Columbia University